Every woman dreams of becoming a queen one day. Well, here is your chance of doing so simply by participating in a unique beauty contest along with your determination, assertiveness and integrity. Though women are born the same yet are different in having their own unique potential.

Eddiva ( literally means powerful and divine), a beauty pageant gives opportunity to unmarried and married women to showcase their potential to their fullest. At Eddiva, we strongly believe that each woman is unique with potential waiting to be tapped at the right time which exposes oneself to immense possibilities and opportunities. EDDIVA provides one with the same.

Eddiva understands the needs and desires of girls and married women. We try to bring into light those hidden voices by literally hand holding each contestant while conducting makeup sessions, workshops and grooming of International standards by distinguished personalities. In the process of learning and celebrating their lives, each contestant leads oneself to a life of fulfillment. More than once in a lifetime experience, one can take away a lot of learnings forever. The transformation that takes place in a few days is the gift to rejoice oneself, much to others’ surprise.

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