Rules and Regulations

Eddiva, the event organiser of eddiva Miss and Mrs India and here in after referred as first party.

Contestant: participating in the event namely eddiva Miss & Mrs India, is herein after referred as second party.

The contestant must be a legal resident of India or a person of Indian nationality and have an age proof to produce when asked.

Contestant must be a natural female in good health.

Contestant shall be of good moral conduct and carry oneself with charm, poise and ability to show their intelligence and speak confidently in public. The contestant warrants that her conduct or performance shall and will not infringe the rights including copyrights of or defame any person, firm, company or organizer.

The contestant must not be convicted by any Court of law in India or other country and not wanted by any local or International Law enforcement agency.

The shortlisted applicants become a contestant for the finals and cannot enter into any other commercial contract or bond with any modelling agency business and such conduct of dis-obeyance will lead to direct disqualification and forfeiture of the application fees and makes the contestant liable to pay organizers monetary damages. The contestant agrees that organizer shall have the exclusive right to take and use photographs, record or otherwise reproduce all or any part of a performance or other appearances in connection with the contest with whatsoever manner as deem fit by eddiva.

Contestant understands that the information given to the organizers can be shared with any person for any purpose.

The first party will be under no liability whatsoever to the contestant or her personal representatives in respect to any loss/or damage of property or physical injuries sustained by the contestant at any stage of the contest. The second party will participate at her own risk and responsibility. In the same context contestant understands not to carry any valuables or any illegal things.

In case of unavoidable circumstances or natural calamities, eddiva holds right to cancel the event and the amount paid cannot be refunded. And that schedule of event and selection criteria can change.

Winners, contestants, sub-title holders, if make any public appearance, endorsements, speaking engagements, acting roles (in any form) affiliated to eddiva ( only and not to any other pageant), will seek the permission of eddiva and its organizers till a period of one year to avoid monetary losses as deemed fit and disqualification by forfeiting their sash and crown, forced upon contestant/winner/subtitle-holder otherwise, by eddiva. And that the contestant’s professional affairs will be under the sole supervision of eddiva for one year after winning.

Judges decisions related to the declaration of winners and contestants for the next level is final and binding on the contestants.

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract or any breach thereof shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of courts in Bengaluru in accordance with the applicable laws in Bengaluru only.

The change in the schedule at any point/stage in the contest due to any reason whatsoever will be at the sole discretion of the first party and will be informed to the contestants through email and social media.

The final date of enrolment of the participants or contestants will depend on the number of applications received.

The second party agrees to participate in the series of events and appearances leading up to the final selection as a title holder in the contest. These events scheduled on dates to be determined by the first party. The second party agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and terms and conditions governing the contest fixed by the first party. My participation in the competition may include public appearances scheduled for me by the first party including, but not limited to, television and radio broadcasts, personal appearances, interviews, still photo sessions, video and audio taping or filming of all or any part of the events associated with the competition.

Second party further understands and agrees that the first party shall also determine the time, method and manner of judging the competition and the awarding and supervision in its sole discretion.

Nothing in this terms and condition would be interpreted so as to enforce its trademark rights, copyrights and/or similar rights against any third party.

This agreement is valid between the parties for a period of one year or till next National winner is declared and more than one year where it is specifically mentioned to contestants after winning from the date of signing.

Misrepresentation and false information will disqualify the contestant from participating.

Anyone who uses the personal information (pictures, images, logo, creative content, contestant information) belonging to eddiva pageants, shall invite a legal action upon them which may include monetary charges or any penalty as found suitable.

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